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Your support enables Global Heritage Fund to empower communities
To become stewards of their heritage
To cherish it as a fount of inspiration
And to protect it as a relic of their past and an enhancement to their future.

Together, we can ensure heritage is more than a musty page in a history book.
We can make it an integral part of global development.
Let’s build a world that’s beyond monuments.

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Heritage Is

Economic Growth

“I hope to build a new house by joining the textile cooperative that GHF is initiating in my village.” — Yang Lirong>>>

Heritage Is

Community Development

“GHF has enabled our entire country to work together towards successful long-term conservation.” — Fernando Paiz>>>

Heritage Is


“Our agreement with GHF represents a major boost to the culture of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the entire nation.” — Diego Herrera>>>

Projects and Programs




Global Heritage Fund employs a holistic approach to conservation. Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure that each project remains safe for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. All potential project sites adhere to strict conditions of applicability and feasibility, in order to set up each one of our investments for long-term success.