Sagalassos, Turkey: A Once Forgotten City

SagalassosThis past summer Global Heritage Fund (GHF) sponsored an investigation grant for an anastylosis project at Sagalassos in Turkey, which focused on the archaeological excavations, documentation and stone conservation of the Upper Agora Southeast Gate, and a subsequent architectural study based on the collected data. This grant supported the ongoing work of, The Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project of the University of Leuven in Belgium; who has been conducting large-scale archaeological excavations and surveys at the ancient city of Sagalassos and its territory since 1990, under the direction of Jeroen Poblome.

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Ciudad Perdida Has Received A 2014 Global Vision Award

Global Vision Award

Ciudad Perdida, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia
For the first time in decades, the “lost city”—ruins of the ancient Tayrona civilization— is open to travelers, thanks to a careful management plan created by Colombia’s Institute of Anthropology and History and the Global Heritage Fund.

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Rehabilitating A Unique Form of Hindu Architecture

Global Heritage Fund and its NGO partners Prince Claus Fund and Gram Bharati Samiti have carried out an investigation on how to address threats to the Stepwells of Rajasthan, India. A series of local Stepwells have been restored, and GHF is looking forward to continuing its involvement with much-needed architectural expertise.

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Helping Conserve one of China’s most Ancient Cities

Pingyao GuidelinesThe Conservation Management Guidelines for Traditional Courtyard Houses and Environment in the Ancient City of Pingyao has been recently published in both Chinese and English.

The Ancient City of Pingyao, is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient city in China. The city was founded in 5th Century AD and the extant city dates from the 14th century. Covering an area of 225 hectares, the Ancient City of Pingyao is a complete building system including ancient walls, streets and lanes, shops, dwellings and temples. Its layout reflects perfectly the developments in architectural style and urban planning of the Chinese Han cities for more than five centuries, providing a complete picture of the cultural, social, economic and religious development in Chinese history.

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