GHF Boards


Diplomatic Council


The Global Heritage Fund (GHF) Diplomatic Council enlists the support of past U.S. ambassadors and diplomatic officials to assist GHF with in-country partnerships and alliances with international institutions, national and local governments, corporations, and prominent in-country nationals. The Diplomatic Council brings together the rich experiences and country knowledge of former ambassadors and diplomats to compliment GHF’s Board of Trustees (civic, preservation and business leaders), Honorary Board of Trustees (prominent philanthropic and civic leaders) and Senior Advisory Board (archaeologists and conservation experts), to enable GHF to succeed in our global mission.

The role of GHF Diplomatic Council Members is to:

1) Provide advice and support to advance GHF’s global leadership in world heritage conservation and economic development in developing countries and regions.

2) Support GHF in developing in-country diplomatic relationships.

3) Members serve as ambassadors-at-large for GHF and world heritage conservation and global development.