GHF Team


Alejandro Camino D.C.


Peruvian Anthropologist (U. Católica del Perú, U. de Michigan, Ann Arbor).

Work experience in South American highlands and lowlands, Mexico and the Caribbean, Canada, Central Asia and Eastern Africa. His academic research and publications deal with ecological anthropology, rural development, heritage conservation, ethnobotany, conservation finance, community relations and institution building. Papers published in Peru, The Netherlands, Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, México, U.S.A., India, Nepal, Bolivia, Switzerland and Spain. 

Professor and Coordinator of the Anthropology Department, Universidad Católica del Perú (1975 -1991), Communications Director at the Center for Amazon Anthropology CAAAP (Lima 1978 – 1982),  Director of Research and Communications at the Organization of American States´ Inter-American Indian Institute (Mexico 1983-87), Executive Director of the Peruvian National Trust Fund for Parks(1993-97), Director of Centro Bartolomé de las Casas (Cusco 1999-2000), Executive Secretary of the Global Mountain Forum (Nepal 2000-2003). Senior Environmental Advisor and Director of “Policy Planning, Analysis and Implementation Project” at USAID Perú (1997), Senior Advisor con Community Relations for Shell´s Camisea Project in Amazonia (1998-1999), Executive Director of “Asociación Ancash” (Antamina´s Corporate Foundation, 2003- 2007), Manager of Community Relations for Xstrata at Las Bambas Project in southern Peru (2006 2009).

Advisor for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, German Aid – GTZ, The International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (Nepal Asia),Social Capital Group, IRG, Vector Engineering, among others.

Lecturer and Visiting Professor at several Universities in North and South America, Europe, and Eastern Africa.