GHF Boards


Senior Advisory Board


The Senior Advisory Board is comprised of leaders in the field of archaeological conservation, tourism and community development, project funding and other expertise for the safeguarding of World and National heritage sites.

At present the board consists of 14 experienced members with representation of each major discipline to assist in conservation with strong regional/country knowledge and extensive field experience. This number continues to expand.

The Senior Advisory Board meets at least twice each year primarily through international teleconferencing, with the option of committee meetings scheduled on an ad-hoc basis for Site Selection, Strategy and Quality Assessment.

Senior Advisory Board members support GHF world heritage conservation work through their ideas, contacts, experience and recommendations.

Primary areas of Senior Advisory Board collaboration are the review of:
• GHF site Selection and nominations
• Site Conservation Strategy
• Master Conservation Planning
• Scientific Conservation
• Quality Assessment and Progress Reviews
• Community Development and Responsible Tourism