Global Heritage Network (GHN):

Threat Monitoring and Collaborative Solutions for Cultural Heritage Sites in the Developing World


Major archaeological and cultural heritage sites are being damaged and destroyed at an alarming rate around the globe, perhaps nowhere as quickly as in developing countries and regions with limited financial resources or expertise available.

To address this crisis, GHF has established Global Heritage Network (GHN) to:

  • Act as an early warning and threats monitoring system for
        endangered archaeological and cultural heritage sites in
        developing countries.
  • Enable the collaboration of experts and conservation leaders to
        mitigate the threats.
  • Facilitate a holistic, Preservation by Design® process of planning,
        science, community and partnerships to preserve these sites.

To achieve this, GHN consists of three components:

GHN enables collaboration between site teams, international experts, archaeologists, community and business leaders, and government authorities to work together to save global heritage sites through the Preservation by Design® model of integrated Planning, Science, Community and Partnerships.

GHF and GHN also provide critical funding for site monitoring, site conservation assessment, planning and investigation through the Global Heritage Preservation Fellowship Program and Site Monitoring Grants, as well as assistance with technical documentation, mapping and conservation planning for GHF Projects.

At the request of national governments, local communities, professional archaeologists and conservators or other concerned parties, major cultural heritage sites can be added to GHN to provide early warning and threats monitoring for their heritage values.

The GHN Site Database is by no means comprehensive, but focuses on an initial collection of approximately 500 globally significant sites in the developing world with either documented threats or that provide exemplar case studies of site preservation.

Sites in the GHN database are ranked on the following threats scale:

  • Destroyed (Black)
  • Rescue Needed (Red)
  • At Risk (Orange)
  • Stable (Green)

GHN needs your help to report threats and progress at monitored sites.  If you visit a site in the database, please take photographs or video footage to document negative impacts or successful preservation efforts and then upload them with explanatory text to the appropriate site group here:

If there isn’t yet a group for the site, please let us know and we will create it.

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