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Say Hello to #GivingTuesday!


As the weather cools and the days grow shorter, people across the nation are gearing up for a month of family gatherings, delicious meals, and festive gift giving. With all the holiday cheer going around, it’s almost easy to forget that with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah come the yearly rituals of consumer spending….

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6 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Heritage

©Plinio Barraza/Global Heritage Fund
Archaeology was a pretty rough and tumble business when it began. In Herculaneum, the local nobility destroyed irreplaceable papyri so they could have snatches of Greek to show to their friends. In Troy, the amateurish excavations of the German explorer Heinrich Schliemann unalterably damaged the delicate layers of civilization entombed beneath the ground....
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Celebrating Our New Website

©Zhang Siding/Global Heritage Fund

Global Heritage Fund is happy to announce the launch of our new website. The product of our reinvigorated content strategy, the site will serve as a portal into our work in heritage conservation and community development. We decided to refresh our website because we realized that our old site was not doing what…

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The Secret Survival Strategies of Berber Tribesmen

©Amar Grover/Global Heritage Fund
Global Heritage Fund’s emergency outreach initiative centers on the immediate restoration of two collective granaries in Amtoudi, agadir Aguellouy and agadir Id Issa. Both of these granaries have sustained significant damage as a result of the 2014 floods, and are thus prime candidates for preservation by GHF. “Do you see those three mountains,...
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