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Inside the Lost Grottoes of Maijishan


Experts and Chinese officials are on a mission to preserve one of the world’s most magnificent yet least-known cultural treasures for posterity. This article originally appeared on Popular Archaeology. Unmatched by the immovable stone of a massive cliff-like form, the wind bows to the unwavering integrity of the mountain, but cuts through the zigzagging…

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Tomorrow’s Ancient Places

Maijishan inTianshui, Gansu.

The habit of heritage conservation is spreading across mainland China, with historic districts increasingly being integrated into modern urban development. Could Hong Kong learn something from the mainland? Article by Stuart Heaver. This story originally appeared in the October 2017 issue of The Peak magazine. Anyone visiting a Chinese city, with a few moments…

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Hampi: Ancient Ruins of a Past Empire


The landscape is desolate and eerie, littered with scattered temple stones and boulders as large as houses. In the far distance, I watch ambitious hikers that appear as tiny as ants, slowly approaching a few haphazardly leaning columns that once supported an impressive temple. Near me, a few visitors wander slowly around similarly ruined structures, picking through a…

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Tuk-tuks and Temples: Exploring Delhi’s History at ICOMOS 2017

Isa Khan's Garden Tomb, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Humayun's Tomb.

Ask one hundred different people for their impression of Delhi, and you’ll receive one hundred different replies. Noisy, crowded, lively, polluted, colorful, overwhelming – all of these adjectives are true, yet even together they cannot begin to describe the cacophonic presence of this sprawling metropolis. During December 11 – 15, Delhi hosted the…

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Employee Spotlight: Katerina Acuna

The world’s special places are stories written in songs or carved on stone, physical embodiments of a people’s highest aspirations toward transcendence. At Global Heritage Fund, we protect these places that their stories may not pass away but remain, as strong and vital as the day they were written. This work would not...
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The Dali Textile Co-Op: A Social Enterprise with GHF and Studio Atlas


Dali Village is located in Guizhou, a culturally rich but economically poor province in China’s mountainous west. With no industry and few tourists, Dali is experiencing a problem common to many ethnic villages in China’s hinterlands: to support their families, Dali’s residents must leave the village to find work, but by leaving, they…

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Interview with Pankaj Manchanda of Augtraveler

From virtual reality tours to online museum exhibitions, technology is changing the way we interact with our world. As companies develop new ways to connect the public with historic sites, the heritage field faces special challenges and opportunities. We talked with Pankaj Manchanda, CEO & Co-Founder of Augtraveler, an augmented reality (AR) company...
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Göbekli Tepe: Discovering the World’s Oldest Religious Site

Göbekli Tepe cover
Archaeologists and preservationists are discovering and conserving deep human history at a site that is reshaping our understanding of the first whispers of early civilization. This article originally appeared on Popular Archaeology. “This is the first human-built holy place,” Klaus Schmidt, the late director of excavation at Göbekli Tepe, once said of the ancient Anatolian...
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Statement on the United States Withdrawing from UNESCO

Statement from Global Heritage Fund's Chief Executive Officer, Stefaan Poortman, regarding the United States of America’s intention to withdraw from UNESCO. At Global Heritage Fund, I work every day to save historic places and special sites throughout the world. That's why I was disappointed to learn that the government of the United States...
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Local Voices: The Fan Family

DSCF0027 (1)
At Global Heritage Fund, we believe that the heart of heritage lies with the people who cherish it. Periodically, we will be posting intimate stories highlighting the many local voices that make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments. The rain hardly makes a sound as it falls on the courtyard, but...
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