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Save the Palace of Agios Vasileios!

Agios Vasileios is the most important archaeological find in Greece in this century. It needs your help today. Located on the outskirts of ancient Sparta, Agios Vasileios is one of the great Mycenean palaces of the Greek Bronze Age. But until ten years ago, no one knew that it existed. To find such...
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We’re Building a School in Colombia!

DSC07661 (1)
Imagine going to school in a cramped, dark, ramshackle building built from cinderblocks and asbestos. Imagine squinting through the 85-degree jungle heat as your teacher uses his last inch of chalk to draw out your lesson. Imagine using second-hand books that aren’t even in your own language. Imagine never going at all, just...
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Celebrating World Heritage Day

If you think about it, heritage is the most fundamental part of your daily life. That fork you’re using to eat that spicy Thai food in that Styrofoam box in front of your Apple computer during your daily lunch hour? Each one of those things would never have been possible without years of development,...
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