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GHF Staff Visit Banteay Chhmar, Monitor Ongoing Work

“It’s a small place, everybody knows everybody’s business. Especially when a new organization turns up in town,” says James Hooper, Global Heritage Fund’s Director in the United Kingdom, of the ancient Angkorian temple of Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia. “In 2008, we were uncertain what the future had in store for the monument because...
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Sagalassos Featured in Popular Archaeology

Just over 100 kilometers north of the coastal city of Antalya, in the mighty Taurus Mountains, lies the ancient city of Sagalassos.The hub of the ancient region of Pisidia, whose people often preferred the secure embrace of the mountains to the vulnerability of the coast, this city's birth amongst the clouds provided a...
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Imagining Ancient History in the Ruins of Termessos

pillars erased
Life proceeds in a series of fits and starts, a lucky stroke here (or not), a series of fortunate events there (or not), a cavalcade of connections that reach a final happy result (or a humiliating end). So true is the summation model of life that its summum bonum, happiness, cannot be reckoned...
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How Energy Policy Is Transforming the Anti-Atlas

In Ourzazate, in the derelict movie sets on the outskirts of town, the carcasses of Hollywood blockbusters gleam like snow, their lacerations invisible in the sun-flecked mirage. It’s a punishment meted out to all residents of this desert. Where you can step from Tibet to Egypt to Westeros and back again in a...
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What is Happening to Southern Morocco?

id issa
Ahmed and I walk past the rusted, dismantled jumble of an old water pump that lies like a decaying animal carcass in a nearby field. “It broke,” he says, averting his eyes and continuing down the rock-strewn road towards the riverbed. As we cross the rocks of the wadi, polished smooth in pre-history...
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