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Donor Spotlight: Kyna Xu

Kyna Xu traveled to Guizhou in the summer of 2016. Amazed at what she saw there and by GHF's work, she decided she would support the community in whatever way she could. And when she turned 21, she knew just how to do it. For her 21st birthday, Ms. Xu asked her friends...
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Pingyao: A Retrospective

ping 2
Global Heritage Fund ended its involvement in the historic city of Pingyao two years ago. Now, GHF’s China Heritage Program Director Kuanghan Li discusses GHF’s work and the site’s future potential. Pingyao is renowned as the first banking capital of China and one of the country’s few remaining walled cities. What was it about...
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The Future of UNESCO and World Heritage Sites

The 40th Committee Meeting of the World Heritage Center of UNESCO was recently held in Istanbul, Turkey. Global Heritage Fund attended the conference because we have a firm belief in the power of individuals and their institutions to create positive change in the world. We met with our partners in academia, nonprofits, intergovernmental...
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ISIS and the Destruction of Southern Turkey

“This place is heaven to me,” Khalil says through teeth as yellow and weather-beaten as the dirt his walls are built from. “It has belonged to my family since my father’s father’s day. Since his father’s day. I cannot leave. It is my culture. I must protect it.” Khalil sips tea in the...
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Journey to the Center of the Earth: An Interview with Sam Cossman

Sam Cossman can trace his zeal for adventure back to his childhood. Growing up in the wooded areas surrounding Atlanta, there was no shortage of opportunities to explore. Things were simple, and everything was imbued with a sense of wonder. Even his backyard had something to offer. “There was a creek behind my...
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Interview: How We Updated Our Content Strategy

This article originally appeared on the Libris company blog. Please visit their website to see the article in its original form and read all of their great content! When you try to describe the impact of the Global Heritage Fund, words alone fall short. The nonprofit organization repairs heritage sites that are dilapidated...
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How Egypt Defied Terrorism and Saved Its Heritage

Abdel Hamid Salah el-Sharief arrived at the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt to confront a glittering sea of broken glass. Past the smashed wooden doors and the acrid haze of smoke, the remains of the museum’s extravagant windows lay broken into countless pieces on the floor. What once offered a glimpse...
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What Inspires You? GHF Project Directors Open Up

Eugen Vaida
With the first week of 2016 well under way, we decided to start the new year on a high note by asking our project directors to share a personal experience or cherished quote that inspires them in the direction of their 'monumental' ambitions. Here's what they had to say. Kuanghan Li China Program Director...
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