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VIDEO: The Role of NGOs in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Heritage preservation has long been associated with the conservation of grand monuments driven by the state, but Kuanghan Li, director of Global Heritage Fund’s China Program, explains to Asia Society that NGOs could play the role of instigator and facilitator in heritage preservation projects. Read more…

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Tourism Traps Ethnic Minority in Tradition

Each morning, a rhythmic banging wakes the residents of Zhaoxing. With broad, wooden hammers, women are breaking up particles of indigo dye in long stretches of fabric, releasing a deep purple sheen that is a quintessential characteristic of the traditional garments worn by the Dong, the ethnic minority they belong to. Read more…

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On trial: the destruction of history during conflict

When the Roman Emperor Jovian ordered the burning of the Library of Antioch in the 4th century AD, there was nobody around to make him answer for what ancient Syrian culture buffs deemed a “barbaric act”, according to records. Read more…

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