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The Prince of Wales Receives
Supporters of ARTTA and the Global Heritage Fund
to Celebrate the Carpathian Villages Preservation Project

The Prince of Wales’s reception follows William Blacker’s lecture at
the Royal Geographical Society on 18th November

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM (19th November 2013) – Global Heritage Fund (GHF), an international conservancy that protects and preserves significant cultural heritage sites in developing countries, will meet today with William Blacker, Founder of the Anglo Romanian Trust for Traditional Architecture (ARTTA) in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, to discuss their conservation work in Romania.

The Anglo Romanian Trust for Traditional Architecture (ARTTA), founded and chaired by William Blacker, has entered into a five-year partnership with Global Heritage Fund to preserve and sustain the endangered cultural landscape of the villages of central Carpathian Romania. Through photo documentation, educational campaigns, an emergency repairs fund to protect historic houses and community development initiatives, the Carpathian Villages Preservation Project seeks to empower local people through sustainable heritage preservation and community involvement.

Thanks to funding from a number of generous sources, the project is off to an excellent start, with a traditional kiln under construction, heritage restoration notices going up in the villages and traditional houses being restored in a number of locations across the Saxon triangle. Next year, all aspects of the project will expand into other areas of Romania and will include additional local stakeholders.

Following William Blacker’s lecture about his book ‘Along the Enchanted Way’ at the Royal Geographical Society, The Prince of Wales will receive a group of ARTTA and Global Heritage Fund’s trustees, supporters and project partners to discuss their work in Transylvania which aims to preserve the region’s remarkable natural and cultural heritage.

GHF’s UK Director Cathy Giangrande said, “We are both delighted and grateful to have the Carpathian Villages project on the priority list of GHF’s supporters and trustees and to have Romanian partners as well, who are crucial to the long-term success of this preservation project. It is a privilege for us to have the support of The Prince of Wales, who has strong ties with Transylvania and understands the importance of preserving these villages as well as their great cultural value to Romania, to Europe and the entire world.”

William Blacker, Founder and Chairman of ARTTA added, “The villages of Transylvania, and the hay meadows and forests that surround them, are a last outpost of a truly Medieval landscape left in Europe and form a vast and extraordinary ensemble which extends for thousands of square miles. All this is now seriously under threat from neglect and uncontrolled modernization…We must do what we can to save this remarkable survival which is as spectacularly picturesque, and as important a part of our world heritage, as Tuscany or the Cotswolds.”

About Global Heritage Fund
Global Heritage Fund (GHF) is an international conservancy whose mission is to protect, preserve and sustain the most significant and endangered cultural heritage sites in the developing world. GHF utilizes its 360-degree Preservation by Design® methodology of community-based planning, science, development and partnerships to enable long-term preservation and sustainability of global heritage sites. Since 2002, GHF has invested over $30 million and secured $25 million in co-funding for 20 global heritage sites to ensure their sustainable preservation and responsible development.

About Anglo-Romanian Trust for Traditional Architecture
The Anglo-Romanian Trust for Traditional Architecture was founded in 2009 by William Blacker, to support the conservation and preservation of the built heritage of Romania. After living in this captivating area of the world for years, he saw that uncontrolled modernisation was slowly beginning to destroy the traditional architecture and way of life, and he began to look for ways to save it. Working in tandem with the Romanian charity “Monumentum” based in Romania, ARTTA raises funds in the UK and throughout Europe to assist with projects on the ground in Romania, ranging from photographic documentation of historic architecture to building traditional kilns to supply the materials needed for restoration of buildings and homes.