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Donor Spotlight: Kyna Xu

Kyna Xu traveled to Guizhou in the summer of 2016. Amazed at what she saw there and by GHF's work, she decided she would support the community in whatever way she could. And when she turned 21, she knew just how to do it. For her 21st birthday, Ms. Xu asked her friends...
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VIDEO: The Role of NGOs in Cultural Heritage Conservation

Heritage preservation has long been associated with the conservation of grand monuments driven by the state, but Kuanghan Li, director of Global Heritage Fund’s China Program, explains to Asia Society that NGOs could play the role of instigator and facilitator in heritage preservation projects. Read more…

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GHF Co-Presents with the Asia Society on NGOs in China

guizhou feature
In recent years, cultural heritage conservation has suffered a loss in public reputation. Detractors have drawn attention to the overabundance of government officials, academics, and heritage professionals and the corresponding lack of genuine community voices. Due to these developments, there is an increasingly vocal movement towards basing sustainable preservation and development – especially...
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What is Happening to Southern Morocco?

id issa
Ahmed and I walk past the rusted, dismantled jumble of an old water pump that lies like a decaying animal carcass in a nearby field. “It broke,” he says, averting his eyes and continuing down the rock-strewn road towards the riverbed. As we cross the rocks of the wadi, polished smooth in pre-history...
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Digital Past 2014 Conference Coming Up February 12th-13th

The 2014 Digital Past conference is launching this week at the St. George's Hotel in Llandudno, Wales. Experts at the event will be unveiling the latest digital tools for data capture, interpretation and dissemination of world heritage sites and artifacts. Through papers, seminars, workshops, and product/project demonstrations, attendees will share and discuss their...
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Celebrating 10 Years of Global Heritage Fund

Check out our special 10-year report, highlighting our achievements over this past decade. We hope you enjoy this publication. It is a celebration of a decade of achievements in world heritage conservation and of the actions of GHF staff, donors, citizens and volunteers to ensure the sustained preservation of some of the world’s…

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