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Transforming Pingyao’s historic courtyard homes

A visit to Pingyao, in Shanxi province, feels like walking through a time capsule. The 2,700-year-old city was once the renowned banking capital of China, as important in the latter part of the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912) as Wall Street is in the United States today. Read more…

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Pingyao: A Retrospective

ping 2
Global Heritage Fund ended its involvement in the historic city of Pingyao two years ago. Now, GHF’s China Heritage Program Director Kuanghan Li discusses GHF’s work and the site’s future potential. Pingyao is renowned as the first banking capital of China and one of the country’s few remaining walled cities. What was it about...
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Profiles in Heritage: Liu Xiaoli

Liu Xiaoli
At Global Heritage Fund, we believe that the heart of heritage lies with the people who cherish it. Periodically, we will be posting intimate stories highlighting the many local voices that make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments. “I find the ancient architecture very interesting” Liu Xiaoli says, looking up at...
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Helping Conserve one of China’s most Ancient Cities: Pingyao Ancient City

The Conservation Management Guidelines for Traditional Courtyard Houses and Environment in the Ancient City of Pingyao has been recently published in both Chinese and English. The Ancient City of Pingyao, is an exceptionally well-preserved ancient city in China. The city was founded in 5th Century AD and the extant city dates from the…

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