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ISIS and the Destruction of Southern Turkey

“This place is heaven to me,” Khalil says through teeth as yellow and weather-beaten as the dirt his walls are built from. “It has belonged to my family since my father’s father’s day. Since his father’s day. I cannot leave. It is my culture. I must protect it.” Khalil sips tea in the...
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How Energy Policy Is Transforming the Anti-Atlas

In Ourzazate, in the derelict movie sets on the outskirts of town, the carcasses of Hollywood blockbusters gleam like snow, their lacerations invisible in the sun-flecked mirage. It’s a punishment meted out to all residents of this desert. Where you can step from Tibet to Egypt to Westeros and back again in a...
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We’re Building a School in Colombia!

DSC07661 (1)
Imagine going to school in a cramped, dark, ramshackle building built from cinderblocks and asbestos. Imagine squinting through the 85-degree jungle heat as your teacher uses his last inch of chalk to draw out your lesson. Imagine using second-hand books that aren’t even in your own language. Imagine never going at all, just...
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Journey to the Center of the Earth: An Interview with Sam Cossman

Sam Cossman can trace his zeal for adventure back to his childhood. Growing up in the wooded areas surrounding Atlanta, there was no shortage of opportunities to explore. Things were simple, and everything was imbued with a sense of wonder. Even his backyard had something to offer. “There was a creek behind my...
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What is Happening to Southern Morocco?

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Ahmed and I walk past the rusted, dismantled jumble of an old water pump that lies like a decaying animal carcass in a nearby field. “It broke,” he says, averting his eyes and continuing down the rock-strewn road towards the riverbed. As we cross the rocks of the wadi, polished smooth in pre-history...
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Celebrating World Heritage Day

If you think about it, heritage is the most fundamental part of your daily life. That fork you’re using to eat that spicy Thai food in that Styrofoam box in front of your Apple computer during your daily lunch hour? Each one of those things would never have been possible without years of development,...
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Profiles in Heritage: Mok Ngam

At Global Heritage Fund, we believe that the heart of heritage lies with the people who cherish it. Periodically, we will be posting intimate stories highlighting the many local voices that make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments. Eyeless sockets gaze listlessly from behind plastic screens, unfeeling, unknowing, unaware they are...
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Interview: How We Updated Our Content Strategy

This article originally appeared on the Libris company blog. Please visit their website to see the article in its original form and read all of their great content! When you try to describe the impact of the Global Heritage Fund, words alone fall short. The nonprofit organization repairs heritage sites that are dilapidated...
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How Egypt Defied Terrorism and Saved Its Heritage

Abdel Hamid Salah el-Sharief arrived at the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt to confront a glittering sea of broken glass. Past the smashed wooden doors and the acrid haze of smoke, the remains of the museum’s extravagant windows lay broken into countless pieces on the floor. What once offered a glimpse...
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