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The Great Disappearing Act of Beijing’s Hutongs

Beijing’s grandeur does not lie in its opulence or in its refinement, but in its scale. The sheer scope of Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City have been described as pharaonic, while the newfangled imperial architecture of a city on its latest meteoric rise inspire awe in the original, terrifying sense of the...
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What Future for Central Asia’s Heritage Sites?

Registan_square_Samarkand small
This is a guest post from Horizon Guides. You can view their work by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. If that sentence does not roll off your tongue, do not fret: the five 'Stans' of Central Asia are far from the headlines on...
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Lin Zeming House Restored in Dali Village

Global Heritage Fund is pleased to announce we have finished the restoration of the Lin Zeming House in Dali Village, Guizhou Province, China. Below, you can see our finished work: And here is what the Lin Zeming house looked like before conservation work had commenced. Global Heritage Fund’s conservation efforts in Guizhou’s villages...
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Build a School Phase One Completed

CIUDAD PERDIDA, COLOMBIA – The school's headmaster and indigenous Kogi students in the middle of a lesson. ©Santiago Giraldo/Global Heritage Fund
One year ago, we worked together to raise $80,000 for a new schoolhouse in Ableizhi, Colombia as part of our #BuildASchool Campaign. Ableizhi surrounds the GHF project site of Ciudad Perdida, an ancient city in the Sierra Nevada de Marta mountains, and we sought to give back to this community we have come to know and love....
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Donor Spotlight: Betty Meissner

Betty Meissner has been a longtime supporter of Global Heritage Fund. Beginning her patronage with our completed project site of Banteay Chhmar, Cambodia, Betty has found her passion for heritage ignited in our many worldwide projects. After her recent trip to our former site of Pingyao, China Global Heritage Fund staffers Matthew Strebe and...
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Local Voices: Deng Xiaohua

At Global Heritage Fund, we believe that the heart of heritage lies with the people who cherish it. Periodically, we will be posting intimate stories highlighting the many local voices that make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments. “I’ve spent years collecting these woodblocks” Deng Xiaohua says, gesturing to the series...
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GHF Staff Visit Banteay Chhmar, Monitor Ongoing Work

“It’s a small place, everybody knows everybody’s business. Especially when a new organization turns up in town,” says James Hooper, Global Heritage Fund’s Director in the United Kingdom, of the ancient Angkorian temple of Banteay Chhmar in Cambodia. “In 2008, we were uncertain what the future had in store for the monument because...
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Donor Spotlight: Kyna Xu

Kyna Xu traveled to Guizhou in the summer of 2016. Amazed at what she saw there and by GHF's work, she decided she would support the community in whatever way she could. And when she turned 21, she knew just how to do it. For her 21st birthday, Ms. Xu asked her friends...
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Pingyao: A Retrospective

ping 2
Global Heritage Fund ended its involvement in the historic city of Pingyao two years ago. Now, GHF’s China Heritage Program Director Kuanghan Li discusses GHF’s work and the site’s future potential. Pingyao is renowned as the first banking capital of China and one of the country’s few remaining walled cities. What was it about...
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Sagalassos Featured in Popular Archaeology

Just over 100 kilometers north of the coastal city of Antalya, in the mighty Taurus Mountains, lies the ancient city of Sagalassos.The hub of the ancient region of Pisidia, whose people often preferred the secure embrace of the mountains to the vulnerability of the coast, this city's birth amongst the clouds provided a...
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