Sustainable conservation requires a smart strategy to both economically benefit local communities and endow the world with a richer patrimony.

For almost 15 years, Global Heritage Fund has worked to inspire and empower communities across the globe to become responsible stewards of their heritage. Incorporating conservation science, partnerships, and community development, our vision is well beyond monuments.


We’ve worked at 28 sites and in 19 countries from South America to Asia and North Africa. Click below to view the full list of our project sites.

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Global Heritage Fund is dedicated to conserving heritage all over the world. Whether we’re aiding conservators in the Middle East or providing emergency assistance to damaged sites, we project a global presence.

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Global Heritage Fund employs a holistic approach to conservation. Through our rigorous vetting process, we ensure that each project remains safe for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. 

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At Global Heritage Fund, we strive to feature not just our own projects, but the stories of the people who’ve called them their own from antiquity to today. By highlighting these many local voices, we make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments.

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When we work together, we do more than conserve monuments. We empower people to become architects of the future and stewards of their cultural assets.