Kars, Turkey


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Kars, Turkey

Ottoman Heritage in Eastern Turkey

Mazlum Ağa Hamamı, Kars Ancient City, Turkey.



Kars, an ancient city at a strategic location in the south Caucasus, retains a rich architectural history reflective of the various peoples that have come and gone, but today these buildings – Ottoman houses and baths, Armenian churches and the home of one of Turkey’s most celebrated poets – suffer from neglect, vandalism and the degrading effects of a harsh climate.  To mitigate these problems, GHF’s project objective was the preservation of Kars’ existing cultural heritage and revitalization of living cultures, art, music, nature and bio-industries in the Caucasus region around Kars to create a new magnet for trade, international and national tourism, and for long-term, sustainable economic and cultural development in eastern Turkey.

Today, the Kars Historic District has received the respect it deserves as a Class A National Archaeological Site, and has already gained the local, regional, national and international recognition of its importance and future potential for tourism and economic development for the Kars Municipality and the entire region. Kars is today one of the best showcases for cultural revitalization and historic preservation in Turkey, in one of the country’s poorest and more difficult regions.