Mirador, Guatemala


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Mirador, Guatemala

Cradle of Mayan Civilization

Summit at La Danta, El Mirador, Guatemala.



Mirador Archaeological and Wildlife Area, located in the heart of the Maya Biosphere in northern Guatemala, is home to the earliest and largest Preclassic Maya archeological sites in Mesoamerica and includes the largest pyramid in the world – La Danta.  For these reasons experts describe the Mirador Basin as the Cradle of Maya Civilization, but according to the World Wildlife Fund, the Maya Biosphere has lost 70% of its forests in the last 10 years.

Establishing sustainable tourism in this area with active local community participation will provide economic alternatives to the currently ongoing destructive activities such as illegal logging, archeological looting, and human, wildlife and drug trafficking.  This may be our final chance to protect the last remaining forests of the Maya Biosphere from total catastrophe.

Global Heritage Fund (GHF) is working with the Guatemalan government, community leaders, the Foundation for Anthropological Research and Environmental Studies (FARES) and the U.S. Department of the Interior (which includes the U.S. National Park Service) to create an economically sustainable cultural and natural sanctuary.

GHF’s primary conservation goals for Mirador are:

  • Aid the Guatemalan government in securing UNESCO World Heritage designation
  • Establish permanent protection for Mirador Basin
  • Become a sustainable protected area within 10 years