Cyrene, Libya



Cyrene, Libya

Africa’s Largest Ancient Greek Site

The Sanctuary of Apollo.



Due to the conflict and ongoing political turmoil in Libya, the GHF Cyrene Project has been on hold since 2011.

The Cyrene Amphitheatre, erected in the Sanctuary of Apollo by Greek settlers in the 6th Century B.C., is located in Africa’s largest ancient Greek site. Cyrene is considered one of the most important Classical Greek sites outside of Greece, yet the site is one of the most neglected and endangered UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Mediterranean Basin.

Threats to the site include neglect, improper restoration and conservation intervention, looting and a lack of appropriate security proectection.  The GHF program at Cyrene is focused in the area of the Sanctuary of Apollo and is being developed and implemented through a GHF-led partnership between the Second University of Naples (Italy), the Libyan Department of Antiquities and the Libyan Ministry of Culture. This program is the first integrated project involving Libyans, Italians and Americans working together and aims to implement the conservation work within a structured training program for site conservators, archaeologists, and site maintenance and park services personnel of the Libyan Department of Antiquities in Cyrenaica.