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Join the Power of 10 Challenge!

©Xvlun/Wikimedia Commons

When a people’s precious heritage is under threat, we can’t wait for the perfect moment to save it. We must act now. And all it takes is 10,000 people to give $10. What will that $100,000 do? Provide 12 months of financial backing for the Cultural Emergency Program (CEP), our initiative providing immediate…

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Cyrene Celebrates Anniversary of Placement on World Heritage List

©Global Heritage Fund

Global Heritage Fund is pleased to announce an anniversary celebration for the inscription of Cyrene onto the World Heritage Site list. This celebration will be held on the 17th of December in Shahhat, Libya, under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Abdulkariem. Once one of the greatest cities of Greek civilization outside of Greece, Cyrene declined and…

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Profiles in Heritage: Durmus Doğan

At Global Heritage Fund, we believe that the heart of heritage lies with the people who cherish it. Periodically, we will be posting intimate stories highlighting the many local voices that make our global heritage a story truly beyond monuments. Durmus Doğan’s air of seriousness is shattered when he sees his favorite place...
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