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Greek Art, Hellenism, and Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is visible from every direction. From afar, it appears to be the highest promontory in this range of the Taurus Mountains. From a bit closer, a small, discolored smudge may be seen at its peak, though what it might be remains elusive. From its base, it reveals itself: a 50-meter tall...
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Imagining Ancient History in the Ruins of Termessos

pillars erased
Life proceeds in a series of fits and starts, a lucky stroke here (or not), a series of fortunate events there (or not), a cavalcade of connections that reach a final happy result (or a humiliating end). So true is the summation model of life that its summum bonum, happiness, cannot be reckoned...
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The Future of UNESCO and World Heritage Sites

The 40th Committee Meeting of the World Heritage Center of UNESCO was recently held in Istanbul, Turkey. Global Heritage Fund attended the conference because we have a firm belief in the power of individuals and their institutions to create positive change in the world. We met with our partners in academia, nonprofits, intergovernmental...
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