ATLAS Studios, with support from Global Heritage Fund, presented the ‘Dye Room’ at the Beijing Design Week to showcase the traditional crafts of the Dong people of Guizhou.

BEIJING, CHINA (December 4, 2016) – In collaboration with Global Heritage Fund, ATLAS Studios conducted an exhibition on arts and crafts from the Dong people of Guizhou province. The exhibition, entitled ‘The Dye Room,’ was centered around the Dali Pillow Project, a year-long collaboration with Global Heritage Fund focused on how to preserve and promote the textile heritage of Dali Village in Guizhou.

Focusing on the textile traditions of the Dong people, who reside in the southeast sector of China’s Guizhou province, The Dye Room both featured information about the Dali Pillow Project and served as a market test for selling Dong products from Dali. As part of the exhibition, two women textile artisans traveled from Dali to Beijing in order to create a cultural and commercial exchange between them and the patrons of Beijing Design Week.

Textile making in Dali Village is not a specialized activity but a daily requirement for the women of the village. In addition to their daily labors and in tandem with the harvest, Dali’s women weave, dye, and embroider rich textiles. With the labor and expense that goes into textile making, the women of Dali have created a whole social fabric around these bolts of cloth that binds them to their peers and their progeny, who often inherit the fabrics after many years of preparation. The pillows displayed at Beijing Design Week are made from these hand-woven, hand-dyed, and hand-sewn fabrics from Dali Village. Designed, developed, and implemented by ATLAS Studios, these pillows represent an opportunity for the women of Dali to diversify their income and reach new audiences.

Kuanghan Li, Global Heritage Fund’s China Heritage Program Director, was enthused about the exhibition and the potential it holds for heritage preservation in Dali Village. “One of the major hurdles to preserving intangible heritage, like the Dong textiles, is raising awareness and education. Many people don’t even realize that certain heritage traditions are still being practiced, and how beautiful and technically challenging they can be. If we don’t make this information more accessible to more people, it becomes less relevant over time. This collaboration with ATLAS Studios is very important because it grants a much wider audience to this people and their heritage.”

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