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Global Heritage Fund Joins Protecting the Past Conference, Contributing to Solutions for Protecting Cultural Heritage in MENA

The conference was centered on producing solutions for protecting endangered cultural heritage in wartime in Tunisia with broader implications for the Middle East and North Africa. TUNIS, TUNISIA (December 4, 2017) – Global Heritage Fund joined multiple governments and international organizations at the Protecting the Past conference in Tunis, Tunisia. Aimed at highlighting…

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6 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Heritage

©Plinio Barraza/Global Heritage Fund
Archaeology was a pretty rough and tumble business when it began. In Herculaneum, the local nobility destroyed irreplaceable papyri so they could have snatches of Greek to show to their friends. In Troy, the amateurish excavations of the German explorer Heinrich Schliemann unalterably damaged the delicate layers of civilization entombed beneath the ground....
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