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Pingyao: A Retrospective

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Global Heritage Fund ended its involvement in the historic city of Pingyao two years ago. Now, GHF’s China Heritage Program Director Kuanghan Li discusses GHF’s work and the site’s future potential. Pingyao is renowned as the first banking capital of China and one of the country’s few remaining walled cities. What was it about...
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Celebrating World Heritage Day

If you think about it, heritage is the most fundamental part of your daily life. That fork you’re using to eat that spicy Thai food in that Styrofoam box in front of your Apple computer during your daily lunch hour? Each one of those things would never have been possible without years of development,...
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Interview: How We Updated Our Content Strategy

This article originally appeared on the Libris company blog. Please visit their website to see the article in its original form and read all of their great content! When you try to describe the impact of the Global Heritage Fund, words alone fall short. The nonprofit organization repairs heritage sites that are dilapidated...
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How Egypt Defied Terrorism and Saved Its Heritage

Abdel Hamid Salah el-Sharief arrived at the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Egypt to confront a glittering sea of broken glass. Past the smashed wooden doors and the acrid haze of smoke, the remains of the museum’s extravagant windows lay broken into countless pieces on the floor. What once offered a glimpse...
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Celebrating Our New Website

©Zhang Siding/Global Heritage Fund

Global Heritage Fund is happy to announce the launch of our new website. The product of our reinvigorated content strategy, the site will serve as a portal into our work in heritage conservation and community development. We decided to refresh our website because we realized that our old site was not doing what…

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Piecing together puzzles in Cambodia

Jan 29, 2015 – As Mr. Kim navigated his car onto the puddled, potholed road that led to Banteay Chhmar, he turned to me. “Where are you staying?” he asked. “I don’t know,” I said…Read more  

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Living among ruins

Jan 1, 2015 – Santiago Giraldo oversees a city of 18 persons. A city once reduced to rubble by conquest and its citizens ravaged by disease… Read more   

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